Here are some questions that potential users of limestone pelletizing systems
often ask us, and that can benefit you in the system selection process.

1. Why should I pelletize limestone fines? 2. What is the absorption rate to the soil?

There is a growing market for the use of pelletized limestone for soil application. The pelletized form has several advantages over the pulverized or agricultural limestone which include; ease of application through spreaders, non-dusty application, even distribution that is not affected by wind, and the use of smaller limestone particles for fast, efficient results.

The limestone pellet is made up of finely ground material that is bonded by a binder that forms a durable pellet for handling in conveyors, baggers and during application. Since the binder is water soluble, once the applied pellets become wet they quickly break apart, releasing the fine ground limestone to the soil.

3. Are there any economical factors in producing pelletized limestone versus
pulverized or agricultural limestone?
4. Are there any other markets for the pelletized limestone?

A recent survey that we have conducted in our local area of various chain stores, indicated that the retail price for pulverized limestone in 50# bags averaged $1.31 per bag. Pelletized limestone retail price in 40# bags averaged $2.58 per bag. The difference is $52.40/ton of pulverized versus $129.00/ton of pelletized. Pelletized limestone is a value added product.

Pelletized limestone can also be used for blending with fertilizers or as a carrier for herbicides or insecticides.

5. I have both calcitic and dolomitic limestone. Are they both candidates
for pelletizing?
6. What operating costs are involved in the pelletizing of limestone fines?


The actual cost of pelletizing depends upon many factors associated with the installation. As a guideline, a 50,000 tons per year operation will produce a pelletized product, in 40# bags on a stretched wrapped pallet for approximately $27.00/ton. This includes labor, utilities, maintenance and binder. The cost for bagging, included in the above price per ton, is approximately $10.50 per ton.

7. How can I determine if my material is suitable for pelletizing? 8. Is Mars Mineral only interested in the pelletizing equipment?

Testing can be performed on your material to determine pelletability and projected costs of equipment and binder.
See the Lab Testing section.

No. Mars Mineral is capable of supplying a complete turn-key system that includes the pelletizing equipment, drying, screening, bagging, palletizing, controls and installation.

9. Why should I choose Mars Mineral to supply equipment or a complete system?


Mars Mineral:

"We Bring It All Together."

Mars Mineral has been in the pelletizing equipment business for over 30 years. During that time we have supplied equipment and turn-key systems to the limestone industry. This experience and knowledge of the application makes Mars the logical choice for the supply of your pelletizing needs.